Born into the family business, the Fratellinis were used to the custom of passers-by but some of these customers stuck by their morning sandwiches and drops of wine in Via de Cimatori and for the last twenty-five years there's been a mix of romanticism and tradition here.

Running a grocery store with his parents, Michele started off in the business while Armando concentrated on his studies and grew up aiming to do something great with his brother.

Let's take a step back into the past, to the beginning.

For centuries historical wine cellars in the old city center, known as locally as 'mescite', have been the haunt of Florentine citizens.

Vasco Pratolini (the famous local author) provides a passionate description in his novel "Lo Scialo" evoking the Florentine origins of these places where intellectuals and artists would come to pass their time.

The first family to undertake these enterprises were the Chiti’s, followed by the legendary brothers, Paolo and Giovanni Pratesi who were the first to create that perfect mix of food and wine (ham, anchovies, tuna, salami and cheese). Thanks to them things moved on from the simple "pour and sell " style of dispensing wine to a proper place for people to drop in for lunch or an end-of-the-day snack.

Fifty years later the Pratesi family made way for the new generation in the form of Michele and Armando Perrino who have carried this tradition on with the same passion and professionalism as their great predecessors.